Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Black Kids music should forever be in the pop culture canon. If Champ was president of cultural happenings, then that would be so. Alas, Black Kids only had a brief period of fame and frivolity until they went out of the limelight. So what?!?! They made one of the most perfect alt-pop records in the entire history of forever in the form of "Partie Traumatic". Each song on that belter of a record, is indeed a belter. They weren't afraid to just make great songs, fizzing with the classic conventions of pop. They helped make 2008 a great year for music. Here's the Black Kids formulae: hyperactive synth hooks, jangly guitars, pumping drums, all girl backing vocals, love-lorn lyrics, flexible bass lines and song structures that go from appealing to even more appealing in the space of a minute. At the same time as being impossibly good at pop, they mixed it up a bit. The lyrics are very strange, and just when you think you know what he's singing about, you suddenly don't. Especially when he starts singing about "ghosts in your underwear". For lovers of gloom, or more serious music however, they may well be too much sugar for your sweet tooth. They may well of been made in some grand pop laboratory somewhere...or are they just a dream? A pop mirage? They are too good to be true...


For Fans Of:

The Drums, Cults, Late Of The Pier

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