Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Wouldn't it be awesome to have a twin sister? Don't got one though, do you? BOOM. Here's the next best thing; Twin Sister...the band! Shazayum. This talented grouping of musical people make dreamy pop songs that sound like they were created in another world. A world very much of their own. The vocal delivery is a combination of singing and whispering combined and it's simply gorgeous. Their crafty creations of song will make you want to dance, but only the softest, most lightest dance moves. You migh even start floating, who knows? Dream pop is often thought to be lazy, using effects over skills. Let Twin Sister prove that theory wrong for you. If you combined all their brains together, it would make a giant floating hit maker, popping out dream pop hits every time it breathed. Dream pop is the easiest thing to label Twin Sister with because they make pop songs that float around in a world of their own. But just like the singers voice, the songs have drive as well as daydreaming up their sleeves.


For Fans Of:

Cocteau Twins, Still Corners, Memoryhouse

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