Thursday, 6 January 2011


No one knows sadness like a 16 year old dude, make no mistake. Zoo Kid is a bright hope for 2011, giving off similar vibes as The XX did last year (young tims making mature music). Minimalism and gloom is in, no doubt. Before you get all caught up in the fact that it's all a bit eerie and sad in Zoo Kid's musical map, don't forget how great at guitar the boy is, he can pluck and strum some sweet and sparse melodies like no man's business. Also, the songs are full of atmosphere, emotion and SPARSENESS. Also, he doesn't just do the same shtick in each song, each song is instead a little different than the last. "Out Getting Ribs" is the full on, heart on sleeve guitar pluckin odyssey where as a tune like "A Lizard State" has more attitude and more of a full musical backdrop. The kid's got energy, he's got promise and he's got a knack for that thing they call "music", but has he got you? He will do soon.

For Fans Of:

The Streets, The XX, James Blake

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