Friday, 7 January 2011


Darkness has engulfed the land of electronic music. Sure, we had ourselves a blast with Chillwave, good times aplenty! But nowadays it's dark, sophisticated mood music. Which is also great, but you need the flip side: sugary upbeat gazzilion-bit party music, right? Here is Wizbit, enjoy him, for he is bringing you imaginative, positive, uplifting-ive and down right clever party music using some cool technology. This is no run of your mill "I use a gameboy to make my music" music, nope. This is bleeping good. Hailing from Northampton (represent), the man with the Wizbit plan is a man named Josh. Not content on changing the world with his band The Retro Spankees or kicking behinds with 72% Morrissey, he whizzez around with Wizbit. It's the musical equivalent of downing a six pack of energy drinks. It makes you feel "buzzing" or "hyped". Which bit? Wizbit!

For Fans Of:

Adventure, Daft Punk, Gay Against You

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