Monday, 24 January 2011


The songs of Warm Brains sound like they can barely contain themselves. Bursting at the seems with lurching guitars, clattering drums and vocal delivery pumped with monotone menace, tracks like "Old Volcanoe" totally rip it up. Rory Attwell is the man with the plan behind it all. He's been a part of great things in the past (Test Icicles, Kasms ETC). He's made a name for himself in terms of forward thinking guitar music. And that doesn't stop with Warm Brains. Warm Brains exists in a different world to Test Icicles however, it has a quieter sense of diversity about it. Where Test Icicles screamed, Warm Brains slur. It all sounds quite unnerving, but in a great way. The punk swagger can't be denied. The nagging guitar lines pull you straight in, the surreal lyrics make you wonder and the wall of sound blast metaphorically punches you in the gut. It's thrilling. Especially if you love yourself some bands like Male Bonding. Listening to Warm Brains is like being scared by a horror film and relishing the feeling.

For Fans Of:

Male Bonding, Not Cool, Colour

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