Friday, 14 January 2011


French Kissing's songs were probably written in their heads whilst they were french kissing with their girl friends. Then they just made them spring to life with chirpy guitars and the soft thud of drums. They sound like an update of all those classic 50s rock'n'roll records that you hear in retro diners. Boy oh boy do they sound fine. Be warned though, you may find yourself bursting into song if they come up on your mp3 shuffle mix, these songs are crafted from the purest feelings of love and happiness. They dig up pure lumps of happiness from the ground, chip bits of it into a milkshake and down it. Then because they are so nice they bury the lumps again and start knocking out songs like "Oh Suzanne" and "You Just Don't Know What Love Is For", just for your enjoyment. This band is so good.

For Fans Of:

Black Lips, Smith Westerns, Sex Beet

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